Avenge your Friends with mini Milta

Mini Militia is a fun agile skirmish game that allows you to fiddle with a small set of army and play against opponents in an interactive way. The game piloted now long time back and has developed a sweet fan base with gamers across the globe to play video games online. The game hails from the social media gaming faction, mostly played amongst people through the Facebook platform through IOS and Android devices.

Mini Militia takes one back to the golden days of Command & Conquer Red Alert and EA Sports warfare. Ease of play and connection is what draws large audiences towards it, you can play amongst people in your friends list on Facebook or with complete strangers that you just meet online. So its pretty sociably savvy! The game gives you a chance to avenge your friends, place bets by competing in one to one or team efforts by forming clans. This kind of openness gives the average social media geek the lust of staying at it.

Where did most games go wrong? Well skirmish games became overly complicated with time and game durations were too long inducing disinterest. This is something Mini Militia capitalized on by providing arcade tools in a skirmish game and keeping things short and sweet. In simple words a Recipe for Success!

Mini Militia has various maps and terrains in the form of levels. You tend to unlock newer maps as you tend to progressive through the game. Each triumph allows you to succeed in opening a new map such as Afghanistan. Moreover, leveling up allows you to unlock newer much radiant gizmos such as tanks, artillery and special characters that makes the gameplay even more fascinating. Critics have reviewed the game as a sweet success, with pioneering gaming aspects never witnessed before.

If you’re looking to indulge with your friends in a thrilling yet strategic gaming encounter, just like the game of ‘Risk’. Then Mini Militia is definitely down your alley and something that should be given a shot at trial. At the moment many limited features are free, which makes the trial part even more enticing and worthwhile.